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decals compared

Unread post by pfclt » Sun Jun 15, 2014 5:57 am

I recieved some I94 decals today (saturday) and am very happy with them. it has probably been done before but I haven't seen it - so thought I'd post this. A comparison between Dom's, I-94, and battlefronts decals. Dom's and I-94 price comes in about the same: $3.39 and $3.00 plus shipping. The battlefront is 12.50 + or -, depending on where you buy - you do get an additional sheet of numbers and a few balkenkreuz ---- not nearly enough to make up for the additional cost. Dom's are nice decals but now that I have the I-94 the scale is much better than the other two as you can see in these pics.
Even the 20mm stuff of I-94 is much smaller (closer to scale) than the battlefront and only totenkaupf 20mm is close to Dom's 15mm and still much smaller than battlefront.

Anybody want to add plus's and minus's from there perspective?

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