I Can't Get The Spoilers on Kenny J's Custom Cards to Open

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I Can't Get The Spoilers on Kenny J's Custom Cards to Open

Unread post by curtm1911 » Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:22 pm

Like the title says, I can't get the spoilers on KennyJ's Custom Card Portfolio to open, what am I doing wrong, I am signed in. I'm needing to find some cards from there for some Custom units in my collection, The King Tiger Commander & the Autoblinda Commander, I have a card for that one but want to make another one or two.

I tried these out the other day with an Italian Army vs Americans from my Campaign Game idea....wow, they can fight with good equipment & a bizarre build & plan but they did gaive the Americans a serious Bloody Nose. I allow the Italians to use some German equipment, the German light mortar instead of the Brixia, the Sd Kfz 2 to tote their guns around with & these MC 1/2 trks also have a House Rule, "Restricted Transport" along with their Limited Towing SA. They can either transport a Single Person Counter, ie a Commander, Spotter, Hero, Flamethrower, Panzerschreck/Panzerfaust or a Crew Served Weapon; Mg's Light Mortars, 81+MM would be covered by the Limited Towing...you get the idea....makes them things have a purpose kinda....lol...still tinkering with this one, not based in history, more of a "What If" scenario...WIP.

Anyway, how do I make the spoilers work? Thanks for your help.
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Re: I Can't Get The Spoilers on Kenny J's Custom Cards to Op

Unread post by Locozugmeister » Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:10 am

:bowty: Hey curt, let me know if this helps. I have all the cards saved from KennyJ. PM me your E-mail and I will forward a copy of my files for them.

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