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Re: Almost interested...

Unread post by Rebel » Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:59 am

I like the idea of the guy who made AAM gunnery and SA stats for A20 and AAm units... in other words, all AAM and AAAF units have Speed , High-Speed, Armor, Vital, and HP, AT attack, AI attack, AAM SA's (Antiair, Rockets 8, &c...), maneuvers Stats, and points. You then play it out over the AAM battle field, either attacking other air units, or strafing. That then allows planes to be on the table the whole game, which (while a bit unrealistic) is kinda cool/fun. Just my 2 cents! :D
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Re: Almost interested...

Unread post by Sean-Khan » Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:42 am

Well I fell for it after all, Amazon just told they sent the starter! I ordered 2 109-wingmen and one hurricane (non-veterans were sold out at Troll&Toad :/ ) to allow a bit of variety cheaply. And I think the house rule I saw (at forumini I think) giving points for using <100 points in 100pt game and giving an opponent extra (double the points over limit?) for using more than 100 points, allowing 10% difference from the limit. Hm, I just calculated that I should get a few more planes to get more variety... that's how the game goes :) Perhaps I should check if there's alternative cards around (well at least there's plenty of 109 cards in the set!)

I haven't played basic-aam for ages, I'll have to play it a bit before even thinking of combining these two, but it might really be interesting too! Especially as I'm using larger hexes.

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