Behind Hitler’s Lines by Thomas H. Taylor.

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Behind Hitler’s Lines by Thomas H. Taylor.

Unread post by pfclt » Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:50 pm

An interesting story of One of the first or the first American paratrooper Joseph Beyrle to land in Normandy and more than once at that as well as apparently the only soldier to fight for both America and Russia.

The start is like the start of any pre-Normandy invasion story – then not to much after he jumps. He gets captured a short time after. Then the story of a pretty nasty POW life until finally escaping and fighting with the Russians until wounded. Close to death more than once – with much praying and fortune he survives to return home.

I have two questions – he made a point of getting his prison record when he and the Russians liberated the prison camp he escaped from – why. Why he is the only POW that I have heard of that had his dog tags removed and placed on another deceased soldier? Two questions I would have liked to have had talked about – though maybe little more can be said. I don’t know. There was ample room in the book as they gave two chapters one on Market Garden and one on Bastagne as they were paratrooper battles – I guess. Not necessary to the story but part of the paratrooper story.

Pretty light read – and as I said – interesting story.

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