THE WILD BLUEby Stephen Ambrose

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THE WILD BLUEby Stephen Ambrose

Unread post by pfclt » Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:02 am

THE WILD BLUE – the men and boys who flew the B-24’s over Germany, by Stephen Ambrose.

This one centers around Senator George Mcgovern, his crew the development of pilots, crew members and the circumstances behind how they came to where they were. Then assignment to741st Squadron, 455th Bomb Group, Fifteenth Air Force.

The beginning is a little drudging as he is covering the multitude of people involved in the story/ history of this Squadron – nothing in depth just one to several paragraphs on each of them. The book gets interesting with the history of the flying - a multitude of stories telling what happened and how it affected those involved. Exciting, sad, tragic – all the descriptive verbs that can describe the thing war experiences do to men and boys.

It is more than that too, boys growing and experiencing things good and bad. The ability to function under unbelievable stress and still maintain their humanity, man at his best, this is what Ambrose does and why his books are so good.
And again I enjoyed this book too.

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